Scale Day 2015 - Sunday 9 August

Dear Member,

The British Board of Film Censors have issued a Certificate for "SMFC Scale Day 2015" as suitable for family viewing. Please use the following link:



Password : scaleday

Scale Day 2015 from Kit Davidson on Vimeo.

Ken Davies funeral

Big thank you to all that attended Kilowatt Kens funeral, sadly missed but i'm sure he will be watching .


"A" Testing day



A great day and a 100% pass rate for our 3 test candidates who passed the "A" test what can i say but well done to Tim Goodwin for stepping up to the mark as our newest examiner .

A well earned thank you to our three candidates, Wayne Jones ,Simon Marston and John Phillips, you all earned a massive respect as at times the windy conditions, were very testing but they all kept their cool, and i am very greatful to Tim for his pleasant approach,which i'm sure helped quell their nerves though i do have to say John being the eldest showed no nerves what so ever ,well done.

Fwingy Day

Dear Member,

it is with regret that I announce Flying Wing Day is cancelled. I trust your disappointment this morning does not exceed that of the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party.

The Southerly wind direction and speed on Sunday mitigates against both successful flying and event shelter retention. Wind speed is to be 20-25mph, peaking at 22-28mph by 1600.

i commiserate with those of you that built Wings for Sunday's event and many others with engendered interest in Flying Wings.

There is a silver lining. Sunday's weather will be warm and sunny - out of the wind. Enjoy your gardens!

Kit Davidson