Recce Flight over the Forton Trenches

David Davis' RAF Be2

For those of you that have not seen this new Forton arrival, here is a video walkaround of David's magnificent Be2. The camera aircraft failed miserably, unlike David's successful impressive flights. Watch this space for further video when it is shot.


Scale Flying Model of RAF Be2 from Kit Davidson on Vimeo.

Kit Davidson

Scale Day 2014 Unplugged Video

Dear Member,

Here is the last 2014 Scale Day video. It features footage taken mainly by Peter Bateman and concentrates on the ground activity.


Alternative Scale Day Video from Kit Davidson on Vimeo.

What does 'Unplugged' mean? I don't know but if its good enough for McCartney and Jones, it's good enough for us.

Kit Davidson

Bill Does Scale Day

Dear Member,

Two video operators caught the spirit of Scale Day 2014. In the second video, Marvin Ryles' images have been edited to capture the contribution of one entrant; Bill Seward. Bill's one third size models always command the Forton sky.



Kit Davidson

Vintage Day 2014 Pix

Dear Member,

Some pix of Vintage Day 2014 are now available on the web. Follow the link. Thank you to the photographers.