Vintage Day 2014 Pix

Dear Member,

Some pix of Vintage Day 2014 are now available on the web. Follow the link. Thank you to the photographers.



Flying Wing Day

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Please read the attached advertisement for Flying Wing Day. Let's call it Fwingy Day/

Flying wings are cheap and easy to assemble. They can be supplied already formed in EPP foam. They can be glued together in a few hours with UHU Power impact adhesive sold in the Poundshop. Please do not ask the price. A very good model is named Raven and sold by The basic Raven is less than £20. Buying a Raven with a powertrain and servos will cost £59.95. Buying 3 or more brings the price down to £52.95. So if you intend participating with a Raven, please contact me in order that a mass-purchase can be made. They are superb, easy to fly models.

Fwingys can carry cameras and are excellent for FPV. See the Flyingwings web site. Bring yours.

You will need a Tx that is capable of mixing elevons.

Club House - Welcoming or a tip ?

Hi All,

We have  spent a lot of money having power wired  to all of the tables in the club house but 3 of the tables  are now unusable because of " stuff" left on them


Can  the owner of the 3  bits and pieces of models for sale please remove them...that frees up 2 tables....I will clear the other one


We have a rubbish bin in the Kitchen area that has been filled to overflowing ,with rubbish now being dumped alongside it on the floor....sorry lads but this is unacceptable....try doing this at home and listen to what the Wife would say !!!!.


Coffee and Tea cups are not being washed up ?


Will those who have used  the bin please remove all of the rubbish  from the floor...empty the plastic bin liner...and replace it with a new one ....that means someone has to take the plastic sack  away !!.......someone's got to do it !


SMFC Old Website

I came across the clubs old website still working date around 2008/2009   . KD

Scale Day 2014

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Scale Day 2014 was a great success. Thank you Marvin Ryles for an excellent edited video. Thanks are due also to Carl Gittins who as well as superior flying skills, has a rip-roaring upload speed on his broadband.

Kit Davidson