SMFC 2016 Events Programme

Dear Member,


An SMFC Events Programme for 2016 is published. It consists of a few old favourites and a couple of new ideas it is hoped you will enjoy. Spare days are included, so that the organizers can have another crack if the weather on the first published day is unsuitable.


Talking of volunteers. Are you willing to organize an event? Two Committee members have already stepped forward. Bill Seward is organizing Scale Day, and Tim Graves the first Funfly. You will receive every support that is available and you can consider yourself a valued club contributor. It is easy really. Volunteers are also required to help unrig and rig each event on the day. Several people make it a quick and easy job.


These events are club events to which visitors are welcome. Families too could enjoy a day out. We want to see them at our club. This summer is going to be warm and sunny with few winds above 10mph. Michael Fish said so.

The official certificate of BMFA club affiliation 2016

Shropshire Model Flying Club BMFA affiliation 2016

Fun Fly Cancellation - 24 April 2016

Dear Member,

I have been watching the weather forecast all week and regret I must now cancel the Saint George's Day Funfly scheduled for Sunday 24 April. It will be very windy and probably drizzling all afternoon. Even Saint George would have wimped out. 

The French Connection will still be at Forton on Saturday, carrying wine, smelling of cheese, and breathing garlic like a dragon worthy of slaughter. Saturday's wind will be 9mph at 1000, increasing to 16mph at 1600, with 50 per cent cloud at 1300. Could be good? Why not wear your striped tee shirt?

KIt Davidson

Saint George's Day Funfly - Sunday 24 April 2016

There will be a Funfly; Sunday 24 April 2016. The theme will be French. Please wear hooped (striped) navy blue tee shirts and berets. The Event Shelter will be erected and French food will be available. There will be the usual Funfly games and antics.

Serials start at 1330

Aerotow - April 10th

Good afternoon SMFC members.

Elliot has organised an aerotow event (weather permitting) for a week on Sunday. For those that have not been to one of these before, there will be some really special scale models, flown by an equally friendly group of people. If you have a glider, of any size, even if it’s a 1 meter wing, bring it along and have some fun. Normal club flying will still be accommodated but please, before flying make sure you speak to the organiser to understand flight lines, extra safety procedures etc.

Many thanks



Martin Oldershaw

SMFC secretary