Vintage Day

Dear Member,

This is a late reminder that Sunday 28 August is Vintage Day.

What is Vintage Day? It is an excuse to get together, enjoy each other's company and have a BBQ.

If you want to bring along a Vintage model, then all the better. Vintage is not defined, so if you do not have a Ben Buckle design or anything from an earlier era, do not fret. Everybody including families, and every model is welcome.

There will be the usual Funfly fun and games, crap prizes (especially for Phil Pearson) and jollity.

Jen and Alan Ayres will be running the charcoal BBQ and a Ruby is planned along with the ubiquitous burger or two.

May we see you there? Rigging commences after 1200. Games start at 1330. The BBQ will start at the same time.

Air Navigation Order 2016

The current Air Navigation Order (ANO 2009) which provides the legal framework within which model aircraft are flown, will be replaced with a new version (ANO 2016) with effect from the 25th August.

Further details can be found here:

The main change for model flyers is the numbering of the relevant articles rather than their content/meaning.

All-Comers Glider Day

Have you got a glider? Do you have a wing? Do they have a propellor? It doesn't matter what kind of glider you have, this event is for anything that glides.

 All-comers Glider Day is an aerotow for club members. It is a contest for Discus Launched Gliders. It is a duration contest for thermal gliders. It is everything to do with gliders. It will be held on Sunday 14 August starting at 1300.

There will be a BBQ with curry, and egg and bacon rolls. As much as you can eat for 3 quid.

Can you tow a glider? Please bring your tug along.

Normal club flying will continue on ths day, so please bring your usual favourite aeroplane along and do your own thing.

The weather for Sunday is set fair with light Westerly wind and temperatures nudging 20 degrees.

Kit Davidson

Events Coordinator.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could the portaloo be emptied? it's becoming a health hazard!


Hi Chaps, Laidies and/or others,

 Just to remind everyone of the scrapyard challenge on 31st July weather permitting (set up around noon).

Usual format of funfly, plus there willl be a BBQ ........ poss, curry/chilli ......... sCRAP prizes etc.

Cobble together something that will fly from old planes, household items and the like.  The odder the better!!  Your creation should have a name.

Not to worry if you haven't had time to build, just turn up as usual, fly and have fun!!


Alan Ayres