Hi Chaps, Laidies and/or others,

 Just to remind everyone of the scrapyard challenge on 31st July weather permitting (set up around noon).

Usual format of funfly, plus there willl be a BBQ ........ poss, curry/chilli ......... sCRAP prizes etc.

Cobble together something that will fly from old planes, household items and the like.  The odder the better!!  Your creation should have a name.

Not to worry if you haven't had time to build, just turn up as usual, fly and have fun!!


Alan Ayres

August 6th (Saturday) No IC Flying

Dear all,

Due to a local wedding reception, we've been asked if we can cease powered model flying for one day only on August 6th 2016.

Electric flight is absolutely fine, but under no circumstances should we be operating IC engines please.

This agreement has been made with the very understanding neighbour, our landlord Mr Everall, and myself - I hope you will all agree, a really good PR exercise for the club.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch, I'll pop some posters up at the clubhouse, but if we could all self police this, I'd be most grateful.

Best regards, Elliot.

Scale Day 2016 - Gallery

Hi All,

I've just posted the photo's from the 2016 Scale Day, for those who don't know the gallery is like a slide show, you should click on the title "Scale Day 2016 - Gallery" or the picture of bill's stamp, the remaining pictures should appear in a slide show format, staying on screen for 10 seconds or so, you can pause the slide show or exit it from the controls at the bottom of the screen.

Have fun.



PS - Don't replay to this email.

Scale Day 2016 - Photo's

Hi All,

Please send your scale day photo's to me at, so I can include them on a scale day photo gallery.